Designing and Animating — From Madrid (Spain)
Motion Design — Kinetyc Typography ↑
Olympics - Let's move!

Burns' Creative Director Pablo Madrid called us to help the agency with some animations for the Let's Move campaign for the Olympics. We worked with them developing the animation concept and building the motion design resulting in 6 different endframe animations.

← ↓ Some preliminary tests mimmicking the movement of existing videos.           

← In how many ways can you combine the letters with different parts of the body? Which of these options are the most readable and with the most possibilities to produce the animations? Before production of the animations begins, a number of design questions must be answered.         

← The technique that we choose at the end was motion capture and then we integrated the letters with 3D software. That gave us a very realistic behaviour.

Clients - Burns / Olympics.
Creative Director - Pablo Madrid.

Motion Design- Borja Holke.
Project Manager -Victoria García

Category - Motion design for an advertising campaign.