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[Holke79 - Motion Design]

I am Borja Holke and I am a freelance motion designer.

[We ♥ to do]

We love graphic design, especially typography and animation. We love making: motion systems for branding, movie credits and opening sequences, music videos, social media communication, stickers or whatever the artifact that allows us to have some serious fun together!


Borja  Motion Designer +34 659 114 996

[Project Manager]

Victoria  Project Manager +34 696 000 546

We are located in Madrid, Spain.

[Our ethos ⚑]

We tend to work in projects driven by brands and organisations that we respect. Mainly in the cultural ecosystem or other fields that we love like skateboarding or certain organisations that are pushing hard for a better world. We are an ethically driven design studio.

[The managing side 🕿]

Victoria is the other pillar of Holke79. She manages the day to day and keep things on track. She is also lovely and extremely proffesional so you’re going to like dealing with her.


I collaborated with this schools and institutions:

Etopia Centre for Arts & Technology (Academia Fachada) |
IED Madrid | Miami Ad School (Madrid) | Universidad Europea de Madrid | Trazos | among others.

[✦ Supporting new talent ✦]

We have an intermittent residency program through which we have helped different designers to develop a personal project. These have been the residents so far:

Olena Smetanina (UKR)| Mike Dziambor (GER)| Daniel Schriër (CAN) | Gabriela Parra (To Be Confirmed) (COL)

[Kinetic Type Series]

KTS is an ongoing series of videos on YouTube about kinetic typography. My aim is too help you understanding the main tools and how to work with this extraordinary medium: Kinetic Typ

Kinetic Type Series (Playlist) | Don't forget to subscribe if you like the content.

[Talks & masterclasses]

"Motion as another branding tool"
2019 - Madrid & Barcelona - organized by Brandemia.

"Defining the motion style for brands"
2022 - Valencia - as part of Experience Valencia 22
during World Design Capital Valencia 2022.

Motion Design — Kinetyc Typography ↑