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Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography can be used as a great tool for conveying a feeling, identity, or energy. In the multi-screen world in which we communicate today, the movement's attribute is a powerful ally of our texts to make them stand out and even to guide the audience's attention.

My fascination with typefaces goes way back when I played in an R&B band as a teenager back in the 90s. I didn't have a computer, yet I managed to make flyers by hand copying the letters I liked from magazines and books.

I have worked as a kinetic type animator in different situations: from animating texts on a big motion graphics production to setting the motion style of type in a brand system going through making motion logotypes or art collaborations solely from kinetic type.

My main playground is my Instagram profile. There I test different techniques and aesthetics and honey my skills. My followers' and colleagues' feedback is very important for me to continue growing and evolving.