Designing and Animating — From Madrid (Spain)
Motion Design — Kinetyc Typography ↑

Doubleday & Cartwright, and independent creative studio based in NYC and Los Angeles approached us to develop the motion for Gamma's brand system. They needed some animated assets and the motion logotype.

As explained in Gamma's brand identity manual:
"gamma. is ultimately a company that offers creative services at the highest level, supporting cultural movers and shakers who have the vision and talent to bring to life inspiring ideas."

← They wanted an exploration for the different wave frequencies: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta.The visual should feel fluid, clean and rhythmic. It also needed to be a loop.    

As a result of the first stage of the project we explored different ways to represent the wave frequencies in non-conventional ways. →

← One outcome of this collaboration was a package of animated graphics that represents the wavelengths in a circular manner.

← We explored 5 different conceptual routes with the Doubleday & Cartwright creative team. Many of the animations didn't make it to the final stage but it was a really fun and interesting creative process.

Clients - Doubleday & Cartwright / Gamma.

D&C' team:
Kat Lee - Senior Project Manager
Joe Lee - Creative Director
Soleil Singh - Designer

Holke79' team:
Motion Design — Borja Holke.
Project Manager - Victoria García

Category - Motion design for branding.