Designing and Animating — From Madrid (Spain)
Motion Design — Kinetyc Typography ↑
Este Momento

This is my approach to represent visually the words of legendary argentinian writer Julio Cortázar.  With the participation of sound artist Jorge Haro we created our humble hommage to Cortázar.

Representing time in a visual way is something I approached from pure instinct and with some concepts such as decomposition, re-emergence or advancement. The stop motion technique seems perfect in itself to represent the passage of time. →

←Hommage to the Pink Floyd Album cover The Dark Side of the Moon.      

Jorge Haro is an is a Spanish-Argentinian artist working mainly with sound. This connection with Cortázar and the fact that he is a true artist made this collaboration very fruitful.      

Some of the reference images compilated to create a mood board at the first stages of the production. →


Concept, Design & Animation — Borja Holke.
Sound Design — Jorge Haro Estudio.

Category: Experimental shortfilm / Self initiated project.