Designing and Animating — From Madrid (Spain)
Motion Design — Kinetyc Typography ↑
Entropia 2023

Entropia is a series of live events that seek to explore the experience of music and visuals combined. After creating the brand and visual system for the first edition back in 2021 we are still working with the festival creating an evolution for each edition. The events are curated by Born! Music and take place at the Etopia art and technology center in Zaragoza.

For 2023 we took the library of icons into 3D territory. The idea was to do it in a way that helps the whole system feel fresh and fun. As in the first edition, Entropia's aim has been to gather as much public as possible. Not only people interested in the electronic or digital arts but anyone that is open to new audiovisual experiences. →

← Some of the icons that are part of the original Entropia's library in the previous 2D version. You can download them here as a font.                

← We worked with the new typography and colour palette from Etopia's brand system.     


Entropia is organized and takes place at
Etopia Center for Art and Technology. Curated by Born! Music.

Fachada Media: Néstor Lizalde.
Fundación Zaragoza Conocimiento: Laura Montañés.
Concept, design and animation - Borja Holke.
Project Manager - Victoria García.

Category - Visual & motion system for branding / Social media communication.