Designing and Animating — From Madrid (Spain)
Motion Design — Kinetyc Typography ↑

Entropia is a series of live events that seek to explore the experience of music combined with visuals. Experimentation was one key concept. But above all, the element of surprising and unexpected combinations needed to be presented through all the brand system. The events are curated by Born! Music and take place at the Etopia art and technology center in Zaragoza.

Entropia's audience should be wider than that of other electronic music festivals. We needed to give it more of a pop character. Therefore we decided that the different ingredients that would make up the identity: typographies, colour and compositions, should have a powerful visual charisma. →

← As a secret sauce we also created a library of icons that you can download here as a font.                

← The 2021 session was composed of 6 different events to be communicated online. Through social networks and on Etopia's own website.     


Entropia is organized and takes place at
Etopia Center for Art and Technology. Curated by Born! Music.

Fachada Media: Néstor Lizalde.
Fundación Zaragoza Conocimiento: Laura Montañés.
Concept, design and animation - Borja Holke.
Project Manager - Victoria García.

Category - Visual & motion system for branding / Social media communication.