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slide surf skate by sancheski
heritage board

S K A T E - D E C K - D E S I G N

This is the design I made for Sancheski to celebrate their incredible history making skateboarding goods for more than 50 years. One of the longest skateboarding companies in Europe. No more flat days! Just surf the streets.

I grew up in San Sebastián, a city in the north of Spain. Sancheski was a synonym for skateboarding. They were producing skateboards, called "monopatín" in spanish, since the late sixties. During the 70s and even in the first eighties the vast majority of kids had one of these artefacts. Then the Santa Cruz's and Vision's took the Spanish market by storm. I had a Variflex skateboard but I remember standing on these old orange plastic Sancheski skates, it was so much fun because they were so difficult to ride.
I don't need to say that designing a deck for the company was very touching to me. Nowadays Sancheski produces Surf Skates under the Slide Surf Skates (by Sancheski) name but, at the core they are the same enthusiasts that still make skateboards since the late 60's. I wanted to pay tribute to their incredible heritage, in the research process one particular picture caught my attention. A photo of the pro team (just a bunch of really sikllful kids that skate in events sponsored by Sancheski) inside the VW van ready for the next adventure.
We tried out a lot of different colour combinations. These decks behave like a fashion collection, meaning that all the different designs for an specific collection need to look well together.
I'm very happy to have had the opportunity of creating the graphics for a deck for Slide Surf Skates by Sancheski. My family loves to ride it and in general it is a great feeling to make something for a brand a product that is connected to my memories.

Concept & design: Holke79
Brand: Slide Surf Skate by Sancheski

You can check it here!:
Joyful SK Heritage 30″

Product photography:
Pukas surf shop