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m&M's - motion behaviour

B R A N D I N G - M O T I O N * P R I N C I P L E S

Jones Knowles Ritchie approached us with a very cool requirement: to develop the style of animation for the bespoke typeface that they made for the rebranding of M&M'S. In addition to the main task they also wanted to explore the possibilities of a cohesive motion system working from their strategy.
You can watch the case study at JKR's website here!

JKR and M&M'S were working
on the rebranding for months already when they called us. Some principles were very well defined and we worked from those. One particular phrase resonated with us "When we connect—fun comes naturally." We came up with our own foundation: Gathering Fun.
We started to have fun ourselves looking for references and one of the first we came up with were the films of Esther Williams.
In addition to the main task, the motion behaviour of the type, we were asked to start developing a cohesive motion system for the brand. Here you can see an example of the Gathering fun concept portrayed with animation of the M&M'S lentils.
We also made a Do's and Dont's list in collaboration with the JKR's creative team. Here you can see some of the ingredients to build "Gathering fun" motion.

Commissioned by Jones Knowles Ritchie.
Brand strategy and design: Jones Knowles Richie

Client: M&M'S

Holke79' role:
Motion principles and type animation style development.

The rebranding in Design Week