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it snows in

M O V I E - T I T L E - S E Q U E N C E S
A N D - T Y P E - T R E A T M E N T

This is my modest contribution to the film of the great Spanish artist and film director Isabel Coixet. Isabel commissioned me to design the titles for the chapters of It Snows in Benidorm as well as the final credits and end roll.

Peter Riordan is the main character of the movie. He is a very characteristic british man which is going to play a very important role on how he experiences the crazy environment down in Benidorm.
Known by some as the british helvetica, Gill sans has become ubiquitous in the design of that part of the world with famous examples such as the British Railway, Penguin Books, the famous posters created by the British Ministry of Information in 1939 or the BBC national broadcasting service, just to name a few.
For the main credits everything was staged very carefuly in terms of the duration of each particular credit on the screen.
Excerpt from the presentation sent to the Director of the movie, Isabel Coixet, to explain why the typeface election was crucial for making a cohesive type treatment that feels right with the film as a whole.
The classic end roll of a film where everyone and everything that plays a role in making it possible is credited.
Initial test to see how the chapter titles worked over the actual movie footage. The director itself gave some feedback about the sizing and composition of the titles.
All in all this has surely been
the most incredible experience as a graphic designer. Having the opportunity to work for Isabel Coixet on a film produced by El Deseo under the supervision of Esther García as the executive producer was simply incredible for a
film lover like me.

Production company: El Deseo
Director: Isabel Coixet
Executive producer: Esther García
Holke79: Design and animation

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