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revolution radio - green day

O F F I C I A L - L Y R I C - V I D E O

This one was crazy. I was on my summer holidays when the great Antoni Sendra (Podenco Studio) called me to tell me that Warner Bros aproached him interested in doing a music video with his signature style for Green Day. Rad! The only "issue" was that there was a modest budget and to make things worse; very very little time. We literally had one week to do the motion graphics. Design (by Antoni), animation and compositing for a 3 minute motion graphics video.

You can watch the video here!

The look of the video was based on the ideas and original design by the director, Mr. Antoni Sendra. He came up with a typical punk fanzine kind of design. Collage is something that I loved from when I was a kid and I also was into mod fanzines when I was a teenager so I felt pretty happy about the visual direction of the piece.

Here you can see some frames from the final render where I composed together all the different textures, footage produced by Podenco and other ingredients that I am going to tell you about through this case study.
One of the ingredients were a lot of cel animations (frame by frame drawing based animation) made directly in Adobe Animate (previously known as Flash) and then post-produced and composed in After Effects.
I had a lot of fun creating all of these.
Another key ingredient was the textures that helped bringing together the "xerox look" from the underground fanzine aesthetics. Here I went from using a video from a scanner doing his thing, to some ripped paper, cardboards or foam. Also I created some animated sequences by hand with paint. Just do it yourself! As they used to say.
The original footage produced
and directed by Podenco studio.
The final look and feel with everything composed together inside Adobe After Effects.
Thanks to Antoni for trusting in me to make this incredible piece of motion graphics for this legendary punk band.

Commissioned by Warner Bros Records
Direction and design: Podenco studio (Antoni Sendra)
Holke79: Animation and compositing

You can watch the video here!
The case study at Podenco studio's portfolio