motion graphic design

This is what I do:


↑ compositing ↑

I have worked on a bunch of different projects: from traditional cartoon animation to grunge motion graphics music videos, more polished 3D stuff, and son on!


↑ 3d & 2D animation ↑

Give me a good design and I will bring it to life. I love working in both 2D and 3D environments, including rigging or even character design.

... ...

↑ typography animation ↑

I've always been a type nerd. I love to think on how a typeface should move and what is his true personality.


↑ style frames ↑

I can develop a visual style with great potential to work very well in motion.  I really enjoy in the visual development phase.


↑ character design and animation ↑

Character design, all throught that magic and sometimes painful process that includes sketching, modeling, rigging and animating, is so great to do.


↑ storyboarding ↑

Draw each stroke to begin to establish what will be the skeleton of the final piece is very cool.  I always do my best to suggest transitions and a general flow that increases the potential of every project.