Music video

AXL MYST - Órbita Botánica

about the project

The concept for this music video came after having a conversation with the artist (Axl Myst) about the meaning of the lyrics of the song. Despite all the nice rhymes there was a story about personal growth. Someone struggling to get out from a dark place. With that in mind I started the casting and scouting process in Madrid.


Also I wanted to portray this personal development with a graphic metaphor. Growing plants and flowers.

... ...


The casting for the main character was very important. After watching the video you'll understand why. Mina is such a great artist.


Contrast always plays a main role in my work. Here I pushed the contrast between the graphic flowers, very colorful and nice, and the location (Azca area in Madrid) that feels  harsh and kind of industrial.



Direction, design and animation : Holke79.

Artist: Axl Myst.
Starring: Mina (@toedrag_nichi).
Camera crew: The House in The Middle.