kinetic type


what is kinetic type and how can help your design to stand out?

Kinetic typography can be utilized as a great tool for conveying feeling, identity, and energy. In the multi-screen world in which we communicate today, the movement's attribute is a powerful ally of our texts to make them stand out and even to guide the audience's attention.


why is holke79 the perfect supplier of kinetic type?

My fascination with typefaces goes way back when I played in a R&B band as a teenager. At that time,  I didn't have a computer, yet I managed to make flyers by hand copying the letters I liked from magazines and books. After trying over and over again to create, let's say, my  typeface,  I realized it was over my head, but my fascination for typefaces endured. Then it hit me. Maybe I can't build one, but for sure I can animate one.  

I believe motion is a potent force in graphic design to attract attention. And here we are.

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ONline courses

You can enroll in my courses at Domestika here:

→ 1. Animation for Typographic Compositions
→ 2. Advanced Animation for Typographic Compositions