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My Domestika courses


1. Animation for Typographic Compositions

In this course you'll be inmersed, one lesson at a time, to the universe of kinetic typography. Working inside After Effects and Cinema 4D I'll show you how to build different typographic animations.

20 Lessons. More than 3 hours of video. Many resources and a big community and forum of kinetic type fanatics.




• What is Adobe Fonts and how do I use it?
• Typographical fundamentals
• What we can and can't do with our animated letters
• Working from a concept or from a previous reference


• Happy-Sad. A basic exercise in After Effects
• Creating elastic letters in After Effects
• Multiplicity and typographic madness in After Effects
• Just finish it. The Crazy Roller in Cinema 4D Lite
• The infinite wave in Cinema 4D Lite
• Twist in Cinema 4D Lite
• The eternal loop in a vortex (C4D)

Final project:

• What kind of poster can we animate
• Designing our poster
• Animating in Cinema 4D and After Effects
• Tips on output formats for social networks

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2. advanced animation for typographic compositions

Now that you know what this game is about, let's take it to the next level. In this course we will skip the introductions and learn how to make those typographic animations that look like sci-fi. When you finish you'll have everything you need to start experimenting on your own.




• Presentation
• References
• What the course is about

Advanced techniques in After Effects and Cinema4D:

• Advanced techniques in After Effects
• Advanced techniques in Cinema 4D

Advanced typographic animation exercises in After Effects:

• Sweeping with delay with the Time Displacement effect
• Deformation with Spline Wrap
• Auto orienting layers using Expressions
• Animating letters that adapt to a space
• Text linked to a shape

Advanced typographic animation exercises in Cinema 4D:

• Repetitions with Mograph Cloner in C4D and Echo FX in AE
• Advanced morphings with editable text
• Playing with the laws of physics
• Dancing text

Final project. The musical poster:

• Analysis of the aesthetics of musical styles
• Designing the poster
• Animation of my musical poster in Cinema 4D
• Animation of my musical poster in After Effects
• Tips on output formats for social networks
• Real project: kinetic type in public space

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3. Introduction to motion design and animation

In this course I'll show you an easy way to learn the foundation of motion design in Adobe After Effects. How to animate according to a concept and all the basics about working inside After Effects, including tips for exporting and showing your result in social media.

23 Lessons. More than 3 hours of video. Many resources and a nice community of motion design enthusiasts.




• Presentation
• References

Getting started with After Effects:

• What is Adobe After Effects?
• Getting started with After Effects
• Introduction to Layers
• Shape Layers
• Animating graphics 1: Our allies the Keyframes
• Animating graphics 2: We go deep into the animation curves
• Renders and formats

Designing the movement:

• A little bit of context
• Our character-based method
• Design before animating

Building a motion library:

• Scale
• Position
• Position and stretch
• Rotation
• Swipe

Next level. Choreographic animations

• Choreography 1
• Choreography 2
• Choreography 3
• Choreography 4

Tips to edit a strong reel and make some noise in social media:

• Workflow and tips to build your reel
• Summary

Final project:

• Build your reel with all your animations

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