Online campaign

Converse. Chuch Taylor II

about the project

As part of the "Ready for More" online campaign of the new Converse shoe, Chuck Taylor II, the TIU agency in Barcelona was kind enough to invite me to participate in the online campaign with a piece of motion graphics. I was lucky enough to be given a lot of creative freedom to work. The only guidelines or premises were to respect the color scheme of the campaign and introduce the Roman numeral II. In this project I did all the work from the concept, through the rigging of the characters, modeling and 3D animation. I also did the photos for the stop motion of the shoe and finally the composition inside After Effects. It was a job I really enjoyed and I hope you like the result!

... ...

Due to the enormous creative freedom that they gave me for the project, my idea was to experiment. Playing with 3D characters is always fun, so I started to develop a bunch of groupies from thr Converse's Chuck Taylor shoe. Some of them, like the capital C or the star, inspired directly by the Converse brand itself. Others just belong to a weird world of fans of the Chuck Taylor sneaker.



I also made some cel animations in Adobe Animate to give a more playful feel to the piece.


Cliente: Converse
Agency: TIU agency
Audio: David Moreno
Holke79: Creative direction,
design and animation.