preshow motion graphics

Aerosmith - 2019
Vegas Residency

about the project

When Mr. Juan Delcán call us to join a team to build some motion graphics to be projected on the first ever Aerosmith Vegas Residency we were just blown away. After that initial bump of energy we realized that we needed to build a first class team to tackle the project properly and within the short time that we had to do it. At the end we were a team of really strong and senior motion designers based in Spain including Jorge Artola, Oliver Dead, Asier Bueno and with the assistance of our project manager Victoria García and the guest starring of the great spanish illustrator Óscar Llorens.

Juan Delcan was the Creative Director and Olivia Sebersky, an expert of all kind of motion graphics for live shows, was the Art Director.

We needed to produce around 15 minutes of animated design that was going to be projected on a 160 feet screen during the pre-show of every Aerosmith concert. We used different techniques including 3D, traditional animation, experimental cutting of existing footage to pay tribute to the history of the greatest Rock and Roll band in America.


/ process

The pre-show was planned as a journey through the band history. We needed to build the design and animation from the pre-recorded tracks containing the members of the band speaking and other effects and sounds that really send you to that moment. It was awesome to help to make the words of such a legend as Steven Tyler visible in the most compelling way. Just a huge honor.

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Production company: Pixomondo

Creative Direction: Juan Delcan
Art Direction: Olivia Sebesky

Holke79 team:
Lead animator and design: Holke79
Design and animation: Jorge Artola
Design and animation: Oliver Dead
Illustration: Oscar Llorens
Animation: Asier Bueno
Project manager: Victoria García

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