It Snows In Benidorm 


about the project

This is my modest contribution to the film of the great Spanish artist and film director Isabel Coixet. Isabel commissioned me to design the titles for the chapters of It Snows in Benidorm as well as the final credits and end roll.  

From my point of view and after talking to Isabel, the design had to be something subtle that still captured the essence of the film. There are many very interesting characters in the film but Peter Riordan is the one that makes the story move. Thus I decided to make an analogy of the main character by means of the typography chosen, from a historical and cultural point of view but also by it's formal aspect. As with the Gill Sans, Peter is most definitely British, conventional and somewhat boring.       


After composing the texts of the film, my respect for cinema is even greater. In my career as a graphic designer this has been without a doubt one that I have not only enjoyed but that has provided the most thrill. And it was ever so simple.

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Production company: El Deseo.
Director: Isabel Coixet.
Holke79: Design and animation.